1951 Wi

The 1951 Vintage

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About the 1951 vintage

1951 Vintage Port :

1951 was not a declared vintage for Port. A Colheita (barrel aged single harvest) Port is a good alternative for this vintage, and would be a lovely 70 year old wine gift for a birthday or anniversary celebration this year. 1951 Single Quinta ports may still be drinkable, but are in short supply. The weather throughout the growing season was good and only broke after the grapes were in. Maurice Symington writes in his winemakers Diary " The lagares took plenty of “work”: colour good. Temperatures felt low in the lagares. Grapes rendered more than estimated. Bomfim musts approximately 96/97 pipes. Zimbro about 35 and Sra da Ribeira (excluding outside grapes) about 70. There seems no reason not to be satisfied with this vintage from every angle." Production was limited to Single Quintas Vintage Ports. We have not had the opportunity to taste any 1951 Single Quintas, but reports indicate that this was not a strong vintage. However, some excellent 1951 Colheita (barrel aged) ports were made and these are sublime. They are in very short supply.

1951 Italian :

A very good year for Italian heavyweights such as Brunello and Barolo, 1951 wines from Italy are rare and in short supply.

1951 Bordeaux :

Unfortunately, bad conditions led to a poor year for Bordeaux.

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